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Jake Richardson

Jake Richardson

My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days changed everything for Jake. He fell in love with the crazy world of the Fabulous Killjoys –– and with it, the alternative music scene –– and he hasn’t looked back since. Currently freelancing with AP –– as well Kerrang! and other UK publications (he’s British, BTW) –– his favourite new bands at the moment are Creeper, Grayscale and The Homeless Gospel Choir.

If you want to recommend a new pop punk band to him (his favourite things in life are pop punk and pizza –– what a cliché) or suggest a new vinyl he should purchase to fuel his dangerously expensive hobby, you can hit him up on Twitter @JakeRichardso17. He’d also like to chat about Star Wars, Blackpool Football Club and The Office (the US version, duh).

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