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Web TV Producer
Alternative Press Media – Cleveland, OH
Job Duration: Full-Time

What We Are Looking For:

• Alternative Press is seeking a highly creative and organized individual to join our team as a full-time Web TV Producer at our headquarters in Cleveland, OH. The Web TV Producer would be responsible for the management and content development of our APTV web channel. 

• Media companies worldwide are investing in the development of episodic content, tutorials, and documentaries for their online video channels. Candidates for this position need to be visionaries with a competitive streak; self-driven, assertive and willing to go the extra mile to put our company’s channel, APTV, on the forefront of video content for Millennial and Generation Z music and lifestyle fans worldwide.

• Management and leadership skills are a must for the person who wants to apply for this position. The need for an individual who excels in detailed organizational skills goes hand-in-hand with a love of meeting (and beating) deadlines. Strong negotiation skills are vital for any producer role and this job is no different. In this fast-paced world of content development that we live in, this is a job for leaders, not followers.


Job Duties/Expectations:

• Develop and produce engaging video content across multiple platforms, including YouTube and social media accounts.

• Manage the production and scheduling of video content; coordinate with videographers, artists’ representatives and in-house teams.

• Maintain department and project-specific budgets, audit invoice submissions, compile freelance 1099s and negotiate all fees with contributors.

• Monitor, review and evaluate channel analytics. Work to achieve the best in SEO optimization for our content.

• Seek out new freelance videographers, negotiate rates and procure signed freelance agreements. Evaluate works submitted and adapt the freelance pool as necessary.

• Coordinate with Marketing and Advertising on specific creative content (both native and promotional) that is needed.

• Manage any department interns with specific day-to-day assignments and attached goals.


Job Requirements:

• Website editorial management experience preferred.

• Professional management and team-building skills.

• Skilled with budgeting, negotiating and contracts.

• Deadline-focused.

• A problem-solver.

• Comprehensive understanding of youth/popular culture (music/film/TV/books/tech).

• Proficiency in Macintosh, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel programs.

• Skilled with the following programs: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe After-Effects as well as having experience creating motion graphics.

• Understand the use of keywords, hyperlinks, navigation, and have a thorough understanding of the standard practices of SEO.

• Have a thorough understanding of Google Analytics/YouTube analytics including best practices, report creation and analysis- and the ability to create content strategies from them.

• Experience in shooting/editing video, video graphics and Gif-creation.

• Strong social media skills across all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine and Pinterest.

• Meticulously organized, detail-oriented and preferring a clean work area-- Excellent verbal and written communication skills a must.

• Most importantly, a positive, self-starting attitude.

• BA in Video Production or related field helpful - not required.


Please send resume, cover letter and online demo reel portfolio links to (.pdf preferred): Mr. Joe Scarpelli //



National Advertising & Sponsorship Sales Representative
Alternative Press Media – Cleveland, OH
Job Duration: Full-Time

What We Are Looking For:

Alternative Press Media is looking for a confident, self-motivated individual to join our staff in Cleveland as a National Advertising & Sponsorship Sales Representative. This candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of contemporary young adult culture, including the areas of music, movies & television, online, style and technology trends.

The successful candidate will have a background in media sales with a strength in digital sales. This position will oversee existing national business in addition to establishing relationships with new marketing and advertising partners for our online/digital initiatives, print publications and events/tours.


Develop and execute cross-platform marketing/advertising campaigns for clients; from content creative to implementation.

Creating custom proposals, prepare presentations and managing the overall packages that are delivered to clients.
Identifying sales opportunities and approaching potential new clients.
Work closely with the Marketing team to develop and sell creative advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
Researching and staying current with new and emerging technologies, including online/interactive properties that could be essential to implementing exciting new advertising properties for clients.

Job Qualifications:

• Comprehensive understanding of youth/popular culture (music/film/TV/books/tech).

• Proficiency in Macintosh, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel programs.

• Minimum 3 years of media sales (print, digital and/or event).

• Please include salary requirements.

• Meticulously organized, detail-oriented and prefer a clean work area.

• Dynamic, flexible, hard-working and doesn’t take “No” for an answer.

• Team player with strong negotiation skills.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills a must.

• Most Important - A Good, Positive, Self-Starting Attitude


Please address and forward resume with cover letter to (.pdf preferred): Mr. Joe Scarpelli //


Contributing Freelance Writers
Alternative Press is looking to expand its freelancer pool!  We're looking for writers for web and print. Ideal candidates are entrenched in the punk and/or alternative music scene that AP covers, have a passionate, unique writing style, love pop culture, have a knack for storytelling or criticism and are deeply motivated. Blogging experience is helpful. Freelancers have the opportunity to write longform features, reviews, listicles, personal essays and interviews for our print and online editions.

If you're interested in joining our team of writers, send the following to

• Resume

• Three music-related writing samples

• Your five favorite bands/artists

• Any other non-music related interests




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